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OpenStack virtual hangout and Challenge- 1/31/2018 - ITZach - 01-30-2018

This week we're gonna try something a little different. Instead of meeting in person this week we're going to try a virtual meeting over Discord.

There are a few good reasons for this:
  1. I've just been stupid busy with work and school and all that and I ran out of time to plan a real meeting
  2. Discord is a really awesome tool that we have available to us and more people should use it (it's super easy to contact us on Discord).
  3. We're trying to raise awareness of the resources available to you all and how to use them
I'll probably get on Discord around 4:30pm or so on Wednesday (1/31/2018) but feel free to hop in before that, especially if there are people already in a chat. Feel free to also start working on this challenge right away. We're not going to do the whole starting line thing, we don't want this to be a race. If you can't complete the challenge in one afternoon that's ok too! Just let us know when you have completed it.

So here's the deal, Myself and hopefully you all will hop into a chat channel on our discord server to try and tackle a challenge. The challenge is designed to get you all familiar with both using OpenStack, and working in a linux environment. There will be a little bit of networking in there too, but you probably won't notice that part as much, it's more of a result of the challenge than an actual piece of it.

The challenge: Each user on OpenStack is given 3 processors and 3 Gigs of ram to play with however they choose. Your task is to start an instance with an image of your choosing (we suggest Ubuntu or Centos, cirros won't work for this challenge) and set up that instance with a desktop environment of some sort. Once you have a desktop running on the instance you will be able to use a web browser within our private network. You can then use that browser to access a web server that we will have setup and running. Once you let us know what that web page actually says you will have completed the challenge.

If you want to take the challenge a step further you can start up another instance and try and install your own web server on it. See if you can connect to your new web server with the desktop instance you created in the first step.

Some things that will be useful: