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Winter 2018 Kickoff Meeting - Updated! - ITZach - 01-17-2018

Hello friends!

We have finally scheduled our first meeting for winter term. Sorry it's taken so long, but I just took a job on campus and I've been very busy. But here we are! And here are the usual details:

When: January 21st @ 6pm
Where: Kelley Engineering Center room 1001 (still slightly tentative)

Wow I screwed that up!
When: Monday January 22nd @ 6pm
Where: STAG 260
What: Introduction to the club and plans for the term.

Primarily this meeting is to introduce the club in general and go over what our plans are for this term and what's coming up in the club. This is a great chance to come check out what we do before committing to joining us (although it's free and there are no obligations so you should join anyways!).

We've also been playing with the idea of doing twice weekly meetings and since we're starting so late I think this is a great time to kick that idea into play. So since we're down two weeks already we're going to try and schedule a meeting for Friday night as well. The details for that meeting will be made available in another post probably closer to this Friday.

Also don't forget that the Winter time poll is live and you will need to fill that out again even if you filled it out last term! We need to know your availability in order to better schedule our meetings around our members so please fill that out!

We hope to see you Monday!