New images coming to the stack
One of the biggest problems we face in our current setup is that there's really no good way to access the stuff that you're running on the cloud. Everything lives behind a firewall that we don't have access to for portforwarding etc. So I'm working on getting at least one image on the list that can easily be spun up with a desktop environment. This will give you access to a web browser and a console as well for SSH and whatever else. This way if you want to play with web servers, or other kinds of stuff you can have a desktop to work from instead of just a command line. Right now I'm working on a Debian image since Debian is a pretty minimal install. It should run on a instance so it won't take up too much of your quota.

Eventually we should have a windows server jump host for remote desktop that will be behind the firewall, but we aren't quite there yet. I should have this image up by the end of the weekend so watch out for that to pop up!

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