Meeting Recap 3/18/2017 First Meeting!
We had our very first club meeting on March 18th. It was a very small meeting with only five people including myself, but it's a good start!

I began the meeting by talking about why I'm starting this club and my vision for the club moving forward. 

Recently I have begun to explore IT on my own at home. It's something that I've always had an interest in but never really had the ability to play with. In fall term of this year I acquired some hardware which allowed me to begin to play with all manner of topics in IT. Since then I have begun to see IT everywhere I look, and I have found that it is something that provides numerous benefits in all fields of study, but particularly in the engineering fields. 

My main drive in starting this club was to provide engineering students with experience setting up and using IT systems that they may encounter in the field, or may benefit them to use in the field. I have contacted several instructors in engineering and they all agree that it would be beneficial, so here I am!

On the flip side of that is the fun factor. IT makes a great hobby that can be a lot of fun (but sometimes frustrating), but it can be an expensive hobby. I greatly hope to put together a well furnished IT lab to give students the chance to "play" with IT systems that they otherwise may not have access to. 

In the end I have two goals for this club. The first and foremost goal is to expose students to the kinds of systems they may encounter or need to setup in the field so that they will be prepared to quickly and very effectively handle the situation or need. The second goal is to create a group of students with knowledge in IT and a dedication to serve others so that the IT club may provide IT services to other students groups on campus. I believe that there are many groups on campus that will benefit from our presence that we could very easily serve.

We spent the second half of the meeting talking about what the present members wanted to get out of the club. How they would like to see the club function and so on. We spent a little time talking about some of the topics that the members would like to learn about as well.

As far as club workings goes we talked about two things. Probably the most important thing we talked about was communication. There is a great need with student organizations for solid communication. Without a solid form of communication and good communication practices the club can become chaotic and it will be hard to get things done. This will be a great challenge as I'm sure it is for many other clubs, but it is a very high priority to us. Hopefully this website will aid greatly in unifying and simplifying communication. 

The other thing we talked about was how we should distribute club time between activities and such. The plan for the club is to have planned lab activities as hands on learning as well as lecture style learning and guest speaker seminars. During the first few months to a year of the club being active we may not be able to balance between the two, but the present members expressed that they would like to see a balance between hands on learning and hands off learning. 

As previously mentioned we also talked about some of the topics the present members would like to learn about. Obviously there will be many more topics we cover, but here is a short list of the topics that were mentioned at the meeting in no particular order:
  • Terminology
  • IT Basics
  • IT interactions between user end and back end services
  • Steps and process for designing large and small networks
I anticipate that there will be many more topics that members will want to learn so I'll be setting up a section of the forum dedicated to topic requests.

Finally I briefly touched on the Constitution and the officer roles. This was mostly just an explanation of the officer roles which can be read in the constitution itself. The constitution is posted in the Constitution section of the forum and can be found here. Alternatively there is a direct link to it on our github page here.

That about wraps up the first meeting. It was a great start but I hope to see a few more faces at our next meeting! 

If there's something I missed from this meeting please let me know so I can add it. Without a secretary dedicated to taking notes things are a little chaotic at the moment.

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