Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorials
Cicso Packet Tracer (CPT) is a powerful simulation tool used to design and simulate networks from a topological perspective. You can use it to determine data transfer times, data size limits, model networks using an ideal topological model, and design IP addressing and subnet schemes. In general, it's a must-have tool for anyone looking into network design or moderation.

I've included two links to different YouTube playlists that contain very helpful videos for learning CPT.

CPT for Beginners:

More Advanced Topics on CPT and other relevant network-design related videos:

If you're curious about more resources, look into CCNA and see if you might be interested in taking the course. I'll post another thread relating to CCNA and other various courses and certifications elsewhere.
If you're having trouble finding packet tracer here is a link for a free version. Otherwise you have to be enrolled in a cisco academy school.

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