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Ok so I have a basic idea of how I want the road map to go. This is really just an outline of the ideas I want to include in the road map. The finish map will have a lot more detail than this and will not be as linear as this. I'll try and get it blocked out a little better by the next meeting but I've got a lot on my plate at the moment. If there's a topic that you don't see that you think should be included leave me a comment and I'll add it in.

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Looks good. My knowledge in the "red area" is limited, so I can't be much help there. It may not be a bad next step however to do ISPs and global networking to glue together everything covered up until then, unless you planned to do that as a part of a sub-section. I mean talking about how services are distributed, "who owns the internet," how landlines work regarding internet accessibility to anticancer areas, and possibly touch a little bit on the economics of service distribution based on companies and customers. i.e. - why people hate their ISPs so much

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