Meeting Recap 9/28/17 - Week 1
Last week we had our first meeting of the term and I would dare say it was an incredible success! We had a lot of new faces show up with a lot of new interest in the club. As usual I talked at length about who I am and why I started the IT club and our plans moving forward. Most of this hasn't changed from last term but I'll give a brief overview again anyways.

The IT Club was created as an attempt to fill a gap in the curriculum regarding information technology. IT is a major part of the working world. IT exists in everything from small local business to multi-national corporations. In engineering especially it is very prominent in the work place and having a better understanding of it will help you adjust more quickly to your work environment upon graduating from school. Experience with concepts in IT also look very good on a resume and if you plan on starting your own business at any point you will need more than basic skills in IT to get started. We also exist  as a hobbyist group because IT can be an excellent and very fun hobby as well. We hope to provide hardware and resources to allow students to explore IT without having to invest in expensive hardware and software.

After going through all the normal introductory things I stopped talking and encouraged everyone else to socialize and get to know each other a little better. Quite a few people ended up sticking around for a while and I got some good ideas on some of the things people want to get out of the club. The biggest one is to be able to work on projects for the real world as a club and this is something I really want to get started on. I think it's a great idea and will allow us to become less of a hobbyist group and more of an active development group. There were a few ideas for club projects floating around and we're always open to new ideas so if you have an idea send it our way!

Overall it was an excellent start to the term and I'm really excited to continue with you all through out the year! This is a great opportunity to make some new friends, learn some new things, and hopefully work on some projects with real world applications!

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