info Club Meeting 10/5/2017 - Week 2
Sorry this is so late! But we do have a meeting coming up on Thursday at 7pm. This meeting will be a bit of a demo/workshop thing and I will be going over setting up different flavors of linux servers. I will be covering things from the installation of the basic operating system, to adding users and setting up SSH, and even setting up web servers for web hosting (great if you're taking CS290 right now and want to run your own development server). I'm not taking into account the time poll this week since only 9 people have submitted it. So if you haven't given us times yet please do so ASAP so we can start planning meetings better! So down to the gory details:

When: October 5th (10/5/2017) At 7pm
Where: Kelley Engineering Center 1003
What: Linux distro setup demo

This should be a somewhat short meeting so if there's anything specific you want to see setup and it's not too lengthy let me know and I can probably sneak it in.

Hope to see you all there!

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