Introduction to OpenStack - Week 4 Meeting
This week I'm super excited to announce that we are getting some new learning resources! The IT Director for the College of Engineering has graciously agreed to allow us to host some servers in the engineering data center! So on Tuesday morning at 8am I will be installing a small OpenStack cluster for use by official club members! It's a small cluster with not a whole lot of resources, but it's a great start and we should be able to expand on it easily.

OpenStack is a bit of a learning curve though, so this week I'll be giving an introduction to OpenStack. I'll be giving a basic overview of how OpenStack works under the hood and then do a live demo on how to create and manage virtual instances within OpenStack. I'll make available a live demo account for anyone who wants to follow along during my demo. If you want to follow along please bring a laptop with Firefox installed, Chrome does not work well with the OpenStack Dashboard.

The details:
When: Wednesday October 18th at 6pm (10/18/2017)
Where: STAG 260
What: Introduction to OpenStack

Please note that the location is not our normal locations. I'm having trouble scheduling club meetings on Wednesdays in Kelley due to classes that happen at that time. So from now on we may be in different locations, but I will try to keep it consistent.

This is an awesome experience for us so we're super excited about it! We hope to see you all there on Wednesday as we christen our new OpenStack cluster!

Also if you're curious I'll be installing Tuesday morning at 8am in the Kelley data center. There is a big glass window looking into the data center so you may get a good look at whats going on (or maybe not I don't know where in the DC we'll be installing).
There is a slight unexpected change of plans for this meeting. Unfortunately the cluster installation that was supposed to happen tomorrow morning has to be postponed until next monday. I will still be giving an overview of OpenStack as well as a demo, but I will not be able to make available a demo account. For those who wanted to attend the installation it will instead be happening Monday the 23rd at 11am. Thanks for your patience as we work with COE IT to ensure a smooth installation.

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