OpenStack is live!
This morning myself and my two officers undertook the task of deploying our OpenStack servers into the Kelley Engineering data center! These servers will run 24/7 and after a final setup will be available to club members registered through SLI. Unfortunately we are unable to provide the web dashboard service for OpenStack at this time which means all operations must be done through command line calls to OpenStack directly. This is something we were not anticipating and as such there are some preparations we must make before we can allow access to the resources. I'm hoping to have this all sorted out by the end of the week at which time officially registered members will begin to be granted access to the servers. We have been given access to the web interface which will allow members to use OpenStack from the dashboard or the command line. At this time we do not have web console access so all access to VMs must be done from the console. We are currently working to allow the web console and we will update this post once that is done. This is a big step forward for us and we are excited to see how these new resources will be put to use!

I will update this post with more information once the system is fully ready to begin receiving traffic.

Update 1: The system is now ready to start handling traffic and we will begin creating logins at the club meeting this week (week 6). It also looks like we will be getting web access to the system after all which will make things a lot easier for us and for you.

Update 2: The web services are live and ready to start handling traffic. Web services are only accessible from within the OSU network and from the SDS VPN. The web portal can be accessed from

Update 3: We have begun to create accounts for those interested in using OpenStack. In order to gain an account you must be a current student registered through SLI. Please contact myself or one of the other officers to request an account if you are interested. Information about logging in and accessing the system will be given to you after your account has been created.
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