OpenStack Play Date - Week 6 Meeting
Our OpenStack servers are live and ready for tenants to use! Unfortunately my previous demonstration about using the OpenStack dashboard no longer applies so that means I need to give a demo on using the command line interface. So that means having a meeting this week! This week I'm going to try something different and actually do two meetings back to back, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Hopefully this will allow more people to participate as well as give some grace for my short planning times (sorry guys, running a club is hard). So lets get down to brass tacks!

What: OpenStack Play Date - Hands on learning and account creation
When: Wednesday and Thursday (11/01/2017 and 11/02/2017) at 6pm
Where: STAG 260 both nights

We will be creating user accounts at this meeting so if you want to use our OpenStack servers please come to this meeting if you can. It will be easier for us to create a bunch of accounts at once and troubleshoot any issues in person before the demo. So if you plan to participate please bring a laptop or a tablet with a keyboard (you'll hate yourself if you try and run all the commands without a keyboard, trust me).

We're really excited to see how these resources get used, so if you do something cool please show it off!

Important Note: You must be an OSU student and be registered with the IT Club through SLI in order to gain access to our systems.

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