Fall Term Member Meeting - Week 8
On November 15th we will hold our first ever Member Meeting. These meetings are when all official voting will happen as well as when members will gain voting rights for the term. This is an important meeting for us and gives us a chance to talk about what's going in the club and what will be coming up in the club. This is also where any constitutional amendments must be introduced in order to be considered and voted on by the club.

When: Wednesday November 15th (11/15/2017) From 12pm to 3pm
Where: Covell Hall room 221

We understand that not everyone is available at the same times for regular meetings so to try and combat this we will have a 3 hour period for this member meeting in the middle of the day instead of at night. This should give everyone an easy opportunity to come meet with us for a few minutes at least to hear any important information and gain voting rights for the next meeting. If you cannot make that time period or you have a heavy schedule and you are not certain you will be able to make it please email either myself or one of the other officers before the meeting takes place. We will then make arrangements to grant you voting rights for the next term.

All members who do not attend the meeting or do not make arrangements with an officer will be removed from the club at the end of the term and any resource access they may have will be removed as well. This is not a disciplinary action, it is simply a way for us to maintain the most accurate and current records of participating members. If you are one of the members that are removed from the club you are welcome and encouraged to join again. If you do happen to miss the meeting and forget to make arrangements before hand, we may accepts arrangements to keep you as a current member without removing you. However no voting rights will be granted to anyone who does not attend the meeting or make arrangements before the meeting, no exceptions. Keep in mind that in order to use your voting rights you must be physically in attendance at the meeting the vote takes place.

We encourage everyone to read through the constitution to become more familiar with how the club operates. If you have any questions about member meetings please ask an officer and we will be happy to answer any questions!

Hope to see you all there! Smile
Hey guys,

In case you are unable to make it to this meeting let us know through e-mail!

You can contact myself at: ashtonre@oregonstate.edu and I'll be sure to forward your name to Zach!

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