Group Formations - Week 7 Meeting
This week we will be meeting to form new groups within the club! We are excited about this because it will give us a good chance to introduce some projects for the club to work on together. Since the club was formed we have basically done nothing but lecture on certain topics, and while that's one way to spread interest for IT, it's certainly not the only way and maybe not even the best. So we will attempt to form specific groups within the club that members may freely join to work on projects surrounding IT and the club itself.

Details as usual:

When: Wednesday November 8th (11/8/2017) @ 6pm
Where: STAG 260
What: Group Discussion and Formation!

This is an awesome chance for all of you to express your own interests and find other members who also express those interests. The goal here is for you all to gain something tangible out of your time with the club, and not just some new knowledge. We hope that you will all have something to show from your experience with us that will benefit you outside of school.

I always say that the club is for you all, and not about me, and I truly mean it. You have to take from the club whatever it is you want to get out of it, and this is the perfect chance for you all to do so.

I will also be starting a discussion about this here on the forum so watch for that to pop up and if you're interested please participate in that discussion.

We hope to see you all there!

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