About the AM4 CPU cooler
Hey there,

Is there anyone knows where I can find a CPU Cooler for AM4 motherboard currently in Corvallis? Any kind is Ok even the original Cooler comes with the CPU....
My PC just arrived today and I found that I bought the wrong cooler, I already bought the upgrade kits on Amazon but it will arrive tomorrow, so I want to find a cooler for current use.

Thanks a lot!
For local stuff I would try Bellevue computers on 9th street. I don't suggest them for anything else, but in a pinch they may have what you're looking for. Otherwise I would suggest Frys in Willsonville. It's a long drive up there, but they have a much better selection than Bellevue does.

If you don't need it right away then obviously you know about Amazon, but I would also check Newegg.com.

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