Fall Term Member Meeting Recap - 11/15/2017
This was our very first member meeting and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. The whole purpose of these meetings is to give us a chance to check in with all our members and maintain a list of current and active members. It's also your chance to gain voting rights for all club votes in the following term.

Out of 33 total members registered through SLI only 5 of them actually showed up and no one made contact with us before hand to let us know they would not make it. Of course I knew that not everyone would be able to make it, but I wasn't expecting the numbers to be so low.

So this means that not including the officers, only 5 people will be able to vote on any business next term. It also means that at the end of this term more than 3/4 of our members will be resigned as members. On one hand this is good for us as it will remove the people who have registered for membership, but never participated in the club. On the other hand a lot of you that have been in attendance at most of the meetings will also be removed.

So here's what needs to happen for anyone who did not come to the meeting: If you do not want to be removed from the club at the end of the term you need to contact either myself or one of the other officers ASAP stating that you missed the meeting and giving a brief explanation of why you missed the meeting and why you did not contact us before hand. If we do not hear from you by email formally requesting to remain a member by 11:59pm on Friday of finals week then you will be removed as a member of this club. If you currently have access to any of our resources that access will be revoked as well.

All of this is outlined in the constitution which can be publicly viewed here. If you are one of the people who did not attend the meeting and feel that this is unfair or that you were not given enough notice please contact me directly with the complaint.

I really don't this like outcome, I had hoped that giving a 3 hour window in the middle of the day would allow most members to at the very least stop by for a minute on their way to classes, but i seems that wasn't the case. My officers and I will be discussing this in attempts to find a better solution for next term. If you would like to give your input please do so, we always value the input of our members.

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