Change of plans for membership requirements
Ok so after Wednesday's member meeting kinda flopped we have decided that we need a better way of doing things. I had thought that having a big meeting every term that was required for membership would be a good way of doing things, but it seems it is not.

So here's the deal: we will NOT remove any members at the end of this term. It was an interesting idea, but I don't really want to kick more than 3/4 of my members. Voting rights will stay the same as that is explicitly outlined in the constitution (we're going to work on that). So fear not for your membership, I don't know why I thought that was a good idea at all.

Next term things will be different. There are several ways we can go about things for gaining voting rights and at the moment my primary thought is that instead of just one member meeting per term, there will be two meetings and to gain voting rights members must attend at least ONE of those meetings. That's just a thought though and I will be working with my officers to come to a final conclusion. Of course we always value your input as well.

On the front of removing members, we will still be removing members at a specific interval, however that will most likely be moved to once at the end of every school year, and it will happen to ALL members, not just specific members. I think that's a much better option for keeping a clean slate and is much less likely to push members away. Again this is not actually set in stone and I'll be discussing it with my officers also.

Once all of that is worked out we will most likely introduce a request for amendment to the constitution. However given that only 5 people have voting rights and the current quorum for taking a vote on amendments is 60% of the club's membership, I may have to introduce these changes outside of the amendment system. I really don't like the thought of having to do that, but I'm afraid it may be the only way to introduce these very necessary changes quickly. I'll also be discussing this with my officers as well as with our faculty advisor. I will even discuss it with the advisors at SLI to make sure that if it must be done that it is done in the proper way.

I'm sorry if this is all confusing, it's not easy for us either, but then again running a club like this is never easy. But I choose to do it anyways because of the benefit I believe we can be to the campus community. We're just getting started and I want to ensure that this club persists and thrives, and I can't do that without all of you. So I will welcome any input and suggestions you all may have. As always this club is for you and should always be that way.

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